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Lumina HealthCare Undertakes Podiatry Service Agreement with Astoria Senior Living in Oakland, CA

Los Angeles, CA-based experts for contract podiatry services, Lumina HealthCare have recently signed a podiatry service agreement with Astoria Senior Living in Oakland, CA. The company’s agreement will ensure that patients at the 99-bed facility have access to a full range of professional services for their foot care challenges. The team at Lumina HealthCare has experience treating patients with toe nail infections, ingrown toe nails, and diabetes-related foot health problems..(Read More)

Lumina HealthCare in Los Angeles Signs Mobile Dentistry Services Provider Contract with Legacy Nursing and Rehab

Los Angeles, CA-based mobile dentistry service provider has announced its Los Angeles team have signed a service contract with Legacy Nursing and Rehab. The signing of the contract means that residents in the 96-bed Legacy Nursing and Rehab facility will have access to on-site dental care services including both diagnostic work and treatments. It’s the full-service suite that has helped Lumina HealthCare become one of the leading mobile dentistry services providers in the Los Angeles region..(Read More)

Lumina HealthCare Unveil Onsite Dentistry Service Contract in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA-based mobile dentistry services company, Lumina HealthCare has just announced the signing on an onsite dentistry service contract with The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. Residents of the 150-bed facility will now have access to the very highest quality of oral health care available, with dentists and dental hygienists meeting all dental requirements with precision. The company’s contract staff has decades of experience in the oral health field and can respond to most diagnostic and treatment needs.. (Read More)

Leading Mobile Dentistry Service Provider Lumina HealthCare Commits to Service in Contract with Mount San Antonio Gardens

Los Angeles, California-based mobile dentistry company, Lumina HealthCare has signed a new service provider contract with Mount San Antonio Gardens in Pomona, CA. The contract between the leading mobile dentistry service provider in San Antonio and the 84-bed facility will ensure that the facility’s residents achieve access to quality contract dental care from qualified dentists and dental hygienists. Lumina HealthCare’s team carries out contract dental work at facilities across the region and offers a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for patients. (Read More)

Lumina HealthCare Signed Mobile Dentistry Services Contract with Lompoc Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Los Angeles, CA-based specialists for mobile dentistry contract services, Lumina HealthCare have recently announced the signing of a new contract with Lompoc Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. As part of the new contract, their team will be offering professional dental services directly to patients of the 120 bed-facility at their bedside. (Read More)

Lumina HealthCare Highlight New Onsite Dentistry Contract with Palm Terrace

Los Angeles, California-based Lumina HealthCare are now outlining their new contact with the Palm Terrace nursing facility in Riverside, California. The signing of the new mobile dentistry contract will see Palm Terrace residents gain access to qualified dentists and dental hygienists, for bedside dental care. The experts at Lumina HealthCare will contract specialists for a broad range of treatments, including fillings, crowns, and digital X-rays. (Read More)

Lumina HealthCare Agree Mobile Podiatry Contract with Stonebrook Health Care Center

Los Angeles, California-based Lumina HealthCare are now announcing the agreement of a new mobile podiatry services contract. The deal with the 99-bed Stonebrook Health Care Center will ensure that facility patients receive fast, effective treatment for challenging foot health conditions such as ingrown nails and infections. (Read More)

Lumina HealthCare Sign Onsite Podiatry Services Contract with Mid Wilshire in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California-based leaders for podiatric care, Lumina HealthCare are now offering their onsite podiatry services to the Mid Wilshire facility in Los Angeles. As part of the contract, the Lumina team will be carrying out comprehensive podiatric care at the facility, and providing patients with access to the latest diagnostic and treatment technology. The company also has expertise in the area of orthotics, and can provide custom orthotics products designed to conform uniquely to the patient’s foot. (Read More)