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Onsite Dentistry Specialists Lumina HealthCare Sign Service Contract with Merritt Manor Convalescent Hospital

Los Angeles, California-based onsite dentistry company, Lumina HealthCare has recently announced they’ve signed a service contract with the Merritt Manor Convalescent Hospital in Tulare, California. The service contract between the two firms will ensure that patients at the Merritt Manor Convalescent Hospital will have access to the latest in dental and podiatric care through qualified specialists harnessing the leading on-site treatment systems.

The latest innovations within the dentistry industry are now allowing hospital patients to have their oral care needs met on-site by qualified professionals. There are a number of companies specializing in this area within the California marketplace but only Lumina HealthCare has the experience and the expertise to ensure the optimal treatment results for patients. It’s why the team at Merritt Manor Convalescent Hospital is working with Lumina HealthCare to ensure innovative care is available to the patients at their 99-bed facility in Tulare.

Through the Lumina HealthCare team, patients at the Merritt Manor Convalescent Hospital will have access to on-site digital x-ray equipment to analyze their oral health and ensure any conditions are treated quickly and effectively. The Lumina HealthCare team will also be offering high caliber podiatric care services to ensure residents are comfortable and protected against the leading podiatric conditions such as in-grown toe nails and nail infections.

It’s a versatile treatment suite that assures a full range of treatment options are now available to Merritt Manor Convalescent Hospital patients. To discover more on Lumina HealthCare and their services, please contact their office team directly at 1-800-373-5400 or visit their business website at