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Does on-site health care require a different set of skills?

Yes. Lumina is committed to arranging for the most convenient on-site dental and podiatric health care possible, which means we have specialized high-tech equipment loaded into a fleet of customized vehicles. Working for the largest on-site dental and podiatric health care company in California and Arizona requires special skills, dedicated professionals, and exceptional teamwork. We carefully screen, select and train our affiliated providers and staff members.

Are your dentists, hygienists and staff licensed?

Yes. All professionals are fully licensed and insured and Lumina HealthCare pre-screens and trains all staff and conducts full background clearances.

Is Lumina HealthCare HIPAA compliant?

Yes, we are HIPAA compliant. See HIPAA Notice of Privacy form attached, in English and Spanish.

What procedures are available on-site?

Comprehensive on-site dental procedures including advanced digital x-rays, routine cleanings and periodontal treatments, oral cancer screenings, deep cleanings, fillings, crowns, bridge work, dentures, partials, extractions, routine oral surgery, and repairs of removable dental prosthetics (full dentures, partial dentures, stay plates), and more. Call to inquire about other available procedures.

Will Lumina HealthCare help me meet state and federal dental care requirements?

State and federal regulations require that you provide access to dental care for your residents. Failure to meet these requirements may impose regulatory citations or significant fines. When you contract with Lumina you can take comfort that you are meeting or exceeding all state and federal dental healthcare requirements, and that Lumina’s advanced technology and knowledgeable, professional staff are providing much needed care.

We have many long-term care residents. Will you treat them?

Yes. We are very committed to addressing the needs of long term care residents with compassion, integrity and accountability — and have been doing so for over a decade.

We have residents who are bedridden. Can you provide bedside service?

Yes. Our advanced portable dental equipment and highly trained staff allows us to arrange to provide dental treatment directly at a patient’s bedside if necessary.

How much do you charge our organization?

When a qualifying organization contracts with Lumina HealthCare, all services are provided at no charge to that organization. Lumina Healthcare handles all the paperwork and bills the insurance carriers directly.

Which dental benefits are accepted?

We accept most dental insurances. We also accept Medi-Cal, which includes dental benefits through the Denti-Cal or AHCCCS programs. Call us for additional information.

What about my residents that don’t have dental insurance?

For those without dental insurance, Lumina HealthCare offers “Resident Advantage”, a reduced fee schedule designed to make needed dental care affordable.

How will our staff know when you are coming?

After an appointment is scheduled with your administrative staff, Lumina will re-confirm the visit at least 24 hours ahead of time to ensure that you always know when our dental staff will be there.

How long have you been doing this?

Our on-site dental program was established over a decade ago, and we have been expanding and improving our service with new processes and new technologies ever since.

You say you are the leader, what does that mean?

Lumina HealthCare is the largest, most experienced and most technologically advanced on-site arranger of dental services in California and Arizona, and possibly the United States.

What is your service area?

Our regional offices are strategically located to arrange to provide mobile dental and podiatric healthcare throughout California and Arizona. In the future we plan on adding additional states.

Do you provide any type of reporting?

Yes. We provide Procedure and Outcome Documentation of all services provided to your residents/employees.

How do you ensure the quality of service is maintained?

In addition to our highly qualified field staff, experienced customer relations staff, and operational monitoring systems and procedures, we also conduct frequent Census Audits and Facility Service Visits to ensure that all residents/patients receive initial screenings, follow-up and annual assessments, and to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed immediately.

Some of our residents do not speak English. Do you have multilingual staff?

Yes. We can accommodate patients who speak many different languages.

Lumina HealthCare and its affiliated medical groups comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.  To view our full Nondiscrimination Notice, please click here.

Can you provide training for our nursing staff?

Yes. If you have a contract with Lumina HealthCare, then oral care and hygiene in-service training is offered to all your nursing staff at no charge. We require a minimum of two weeks to schedule a training session.





Can we promote in our marketing materials that dental health care is being provided by Lumina Healthcare?

When you contract with Lumina HealthCare you can proudly promote that advanced on-site dental health care services are part of the program. We will provide specific language and artwork for you to use.