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Lumina HealthCare Accepting New Patients for At Home Dentistry

California Lumina HealthCare, the mobile dentistry service is now accepting new patients for at home dentistry.  At home dentistry is ideal for seniors, individuals with disabilities and for people that have limited mobility due to injuries or medical conditions.  Lumina Healthcare brings the dentist office to the home and provides state of the art equipment and dental technology to their patients from their own location.  With a friendly and knowledgeable team the service guarantees a pleasant and comfortable experience for all patients that require at-home dentistry.

Lumina Healthcare is an on-site dental service in California that provides the same level of professionalism and advanced dental technology as a dental clinic but travels to homes and offices to bring the dentist’s office to the patient.  The team offers many of the same services as traditional dental clinics including: fillings, crowns, testing, X-rays, dentures and cleanings.  This provides an unmatched level of convenience that saves time and travel costs.

The mobile dentistry service is currently working towards expanding their clientele to include schools, universities, military bases and corporate campuses across California.  The service prides their business on being able to serve any patient from bedridden to busy corporate executive.