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Lumina HealthCare Offering Comfort and Convenience with On-Site Dentistry Services

Advances in dental treatment technology mean that it’s now possible to transport cutting-edge treatment equipment across the country to schools, hospitals and other facilities where they are most required. This evolution has helped bring the latest treatment methodologies to millions who previously would have little access to dental care. However, in order for those in local California cities to capitalize on these technological advances, a service that combines dental expertise and mobile technologies must be offered. And it’s for this reason that many are now selecting Lumina HealthCare for their on-site dentistry excellence.

Lumina HealthCare is a Los Angeles, CA-based organization that strives to provide on-site dentistry services to clients across the region. The company’s fleet of dentists, hygienists and support staff work tirelessly to ensure high quality dental care is delivered at convenient locations for children and seniors who would otherwise not receive treatment. One of the regions so many organizations are now working with Lumina HealthCare is that the company has created several programs designed to ensure complete efficiency within the delivery of professional dental care.

Consider for example the Lumina Dental Health KidsCare program, which provides children across the region with cutting-edge dental care services and dental education. Through KidsCare, expert dental services are provided to children in hospitals, schools and other locations across the state. The firm harnesses portable equipment and works with experts trained in children’s dentistry to ensure the highest level of care is delivered to children.

As part of their inclusion in the KidsCare program, children are educated on the various elements of optimal oral health. Children are provided with information on the best ways to brush their teeth, as well as given regular check-ups to ensure that their teeth and gums are in ideal condition for long-term health. An example of the services available to children through the KidsCare program is the digital x-rays performed by Lumina Dental Health staff. These x-rays help locate potential oral health challenges before they arise, and therefore mitigate the need for costly repair work at a later date.  The program also includes cleanings and fluoride treatment that protect children against gum disease.

Lumina HealthCare pre-screens and trains all professionals prior to their employment within the company’s services. This means that clients achieve access to qualified experts and experienced dental professionals who are committed to their work in the region. One of the advantages for organizations is that Lumina HealthCare bills insurance companies directly. This means that companies can hire Lumina HealthCare at no direct cost. It is how organizations across California are providing exceptional dental care to those within their facilities.