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Long-Term Care

Long Term Care Facilities

Lumina HealthCare arranges for complete on-site dentistry and podiatric services to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and other large residential or employment organizations for the benefit of their patients, participants and employees throughout California and Arizona.

Oral Health is critical for the elderly. Click here to read a report from the California Association of Health Facilities.

Long-Term Care Services are:

1. Mobile Dentistry Services: Lumina HealthCare arranges for superior mobile dentistry services through qualified team members with many years of oral care experience.

2. On-site /Mobile Podiatric Services: Lumina HealthCare arranges f0r podiatric care by podiatrists that specialize in the field, featuring the latest foot care treatments to ensure patients achieve relief from foot pain issues.

On-Site Health Care Sacramento

When qualifying organizations contract with Lumina HealthCare, all services are provided at no charge to the organization. Lumina HealthCare handles all the paperwork and bills the insurance carriers directly.

Click here for video on the brush biopsy diagnostic test for oral cancer performed by our dentists.

The result:

  • No cost to your organization.
  • Important benefits for your residents.
  • Smiles for everyone.

Please click here for information regarding our KidsCare program.

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