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Lumina HealthCare Now Offering Riverside Point Healthcare & Wellness Centre in California Expert Mobile Dentistry Services

Los Angeles, California-based specialists for mobile dentistry services, Lumina HealthCare have recently announced they’re working with Riverside Point Healthcare & Wellness Centre to offer the facility’s patients leading-class levels of mobile dentistry care. As part of Lumina HealthCare’s services, the company will be offering patients direct access to dentists and hygienists as well as deploying the latest mobile dentistry technology such as digital x-rays within the California facility.

By working closely with a qualified dental health specialist, patients at nursing facilities across the country can preserve their oral health while mitigating many of the conditions that can arise as they recover from illnesses and injuries. But without access to mobile dental treatment technology, patients are unable to achieve the highest levels of care. It’s the reason so many are working with the contract dental care experts at Lumina HealthCare. Lumina has recently announced the signing of a services contract with the team at the 154-bed Riverside Point Healthcare & Wellness Centre facility.

As part of their new service contract with Riverside Point Healthcare & Wellness Centre, Lumina HealthCare will be providing access to the latest digital analysis and treatment technology. The Lumina contract team will offer treatment assistance and screening for oral cancers and will provide the latest treatments for cavities, chipped teeth, and other dental health conditions. It’s the leading-class service to help protect nursing facility patients over the coming years.

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