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Lumina HealthCare Signs New On-Site Dentistry Services Contract

On-Site Dentistry Services April 25, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA-based Lumina HealthCare has just announced they’ve signed a new on-site dentistry services contract with Inland Valley Care and Rehabilitation Center. The new contract will allow residents at the 241-bed facility access to the latest in mobile dental health services. Lumina HealthCare can provide both diagnostic and treatment options to help ensure patient health for the long-term

Working with a qualified provider of on-site dentistry services can help patients within rehabilitation centers to streamline their recovery. Oral health is an important element in overall health, and qualified mobile health specialists such as Lumina HealthCare are now providing their services to clients in rehabilitation facilities across the country. Recently, Lumina HealthCare signed a new service contract to provide their on-site dentistry services to the patients at the Inland Valley Care and Rehabilitation Center.

Patients at the Inland Valley Care and Rehabilitation Center will now benefit from diagnostic tools such as digital x-rays, which can be completed directly at their bedside, as well as treatments for cavities and other common dental health issues. The contract team at Lumina HealthCare includes qualified dentists and dental hygienists, each of whom is trained to complete complex care work in nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

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