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Atwater Elementary School District selects Los Angeles-based Lumina’s HealthCare’s KidsCare program to Provide in-school Dental Services

Los Angeles California-based dental services leaders, Lumina HealthCare, have recently announced that they have been selected by Atwater Elementary School District to provide in-school dental care to their students. The experts at Lumina HealthCare will now provide Atwater Elementary School District students with a complete range of on-site services, including dental x-rays, cleanings, fillings and crowns through their KidsCare program. The program will also help educate students across the region on the important of an effective oral health care regimen.
The latest data from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry shows that 40-50% of children are now affected by tooth decay before the age of five. This means there is a growing oral health care challenge across the country, a challenge that can only be met by professional pediatric dental care. Now, the experts at Lumina HealthCare are working with school districts to address this challenge. And the company has recently been hired by Atwater Elementary School District.
Through their work with the Atwater Elementary School District, Los Angeles-based Lumina HealthCare will provide high caliber dental care services to children across the region. The company’s KidsCare program will help local area children achieve the highest quality dental care available. Through the KidsCare program, children will learn how to complete effective oral care techniques at home. They will also have access to innovative services such as on-site digital X-rays, oral surgery and basic services such as cleanings. It’s the comprehensive care service all children require for optimal oral health in the long-term.