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On-Site Podiatry Services

Specializing in the treatment of a broad range of foot care issues, the on-site podiatry services team at Lumina HealthCare are recognized leaders in the marketplace. The Company’s staff has a comprehensive understanding on the challenges long-term care facility residents face in achieving foot comfort. And now Lumina is offering an expert-guided service featuring the latest foot care treatments to ensure patients achieve relief from foot pain issues.

Podiatric issues can limit a long-term care patient’s mobility and prevent them from recuperating from their other medical concerns. Lumina HealthCare is able to bring the latest care systems directly to the client’s facility and provide access to qualified practitioners who can diagnose and treat all podiatric issues on-site. The benefits of this expert service include:

A Complete Range of Complex On-Site Treatments

Working with Lumina HealthCare means patients achieve access to treatments for a range of podiatric issues. The Lumina team takes great care in researching the marketplace and harnessing the latest treatment technology. This means they can now offer on-site care services for the treatment of the following:

  • In-grown nails
  • Nail infections
  • Diabetes-associated foot problems
  • Corns
  • Callouses
  • Ulcers
  • Fallen arches

These are just a few examples of the conditions that Lumina HealthCare can now treat for patients within long-term care facilities.

Orthotics Expertise

Lumina HealthCare also offers leadership during the post-treatment phase and will provide patients with guidance on custom orthotics that help ensure long-term comfort. The Lumina HealthCare team has great experience in crafting custom orthotics that conform to the patient’s unique foot shape, thereby helping to prevent the recurrence of their podiatric issues.

No Cost to the Facility

Qualifying organizations that contract through Lumina HealthCare will not have to pay a fee for the company’s expert podiatric services. Lumina’s experts will work with the resident’s insurance company directly and complete all paperwork, thereby allowing long-term care center staff to focus on their role in providing expert care.

For complete information on the on-site podiatric services offered through Lumina HealthCare, please contact the company directly via 800-373-5400.

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