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Lumina HealthCare Now Introducing Mobile Dentistry Services to Paradise, California-based Pine View Center Facility

Los Angeles, CA-based leaders for mobile dentistry, Lumina HealthCare have recently signed a services contract with the Pine View Center facility in Paradise, California. The new dentistry services contract with the 99-bed facility will allow all patients access to innovative oral health procedures directly from their bed, thereby enhancing access to oral health treatments and helping streamline the recovery process.

Nursing facility patients often don’t have access to full oral care services within their facilities. This can often mean they’re left to deal with tooth and gum pain while they wait to be released by their doctors. Now, however, new mobile dentistry treatments are enabling patients to achieve their ideal dental health treatments directly from the hospital or nursing facility bed. The team at Lumina HealthCare are leaders in this growing area of the industry.

The Lumina HealthCare team will be offering a full range of mobile dentistry treatments to patients at the Pine View Center facility in Paradise, California, including diagnostic options such as oral cancer screenings and digital x-rays. This can ensure that any potentially serious oral health challenges can be identified and remedied at the earliest possible opportunity. It’s the cutting-edge service required for outstanding oral care within the modern nursing facility.

Expert oral health services are now available for nursing facility patients across the country. To discuss the Lumina HealthCare service with a company representative, please contact their office team now at 1-800-373-5400.