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Lumina HealthCare Signs New On-Site Dentistry Services Contract

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May 28, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA-based Lumina HealthCare has recently announced the signing of a new on-site dentistry services contract with the team at the Wine Country Care Center. The new contract will ensure that patients at the 86-bed facility in Lodi will have access treatments for cavities, tooth infections, and required extractions. The contract team at Lumina HealthCare includes the local area’s most qualified dentists and dental hygienists, each of whom is committed to customized treatment for the individual patient.

By undergoing dental care directly at their bedside, patients at local nursing facilities can ensure their oral health requirements are met while safeguarding their health over the long-term. Now, the team at Lumina HealthCare is providing the market’s leading bedside treatment option through their on-site dentistry services. The company has recently signed a contract with Wine Country Care Center to provide patients at the facility with a full suite of oral health care treatment options.

Included in the company’s services are bedside digital x-rays, which can be completed with the patient in their current condition and without having to cause any further distress. The company also offers a full range of treatment services, including treatments for cavities and tooth infections, which can be administered directly at the patient’s bedside.

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