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Lumina HealthCare Signs Podiatry Services Contract with Hillcrest Nursing Home

Los Angeles, California based mobile healthcare experts, Lumina HealthCare have just announced the signing of a podiatry services contract with the Hillcrest Nursing Home in San Bernardino, California. As part of the contract, Lumina HealthCare will now be sending podiatric experts to the 59-bed facility to ensure each patient’s foot conditions are analyzed and treated effectively.

Within many nursing home facilities across the country, teams are often unable to respond to each patients’ full range of care requirements. Facilities sometimes lack the resources and the expertise to manage challenging conditions, and this can mean that patients are in pain for a prolonged period of time. To help address podiatric issues within their facility, The Hillcrest Nursing Home has just signed a services contract with Lumina HealthCare

The signing of the services contact means that Hillcrest Nursing Home patients will now be able to work with a recognized podiatric specialist to treat their foot issues. The Lumina HealthCare specialists have years of experience effectively treating conditions such as in-grown nails, callouses, ulcers, and diabetes-related foot conditions, and this experience will be critical in ensuring facility patients are healthy over the long-term. As part of the post-treatment phase, the Lumina team can also craft custom foot orthotics for patients to help them maintain both mobility and foot comfort.

It’s the trusted on-site podiatry service for nursing facility patients. To learn more on Lumina HealthCare and their podiatry contract services, please contact their office team today at 1-800-373-5400 or visit their business website at