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Lumina HealthCare in Los Angeles Signs New On-Site Podiatry Services Contract

Los Angeles New On-Site Podiatry Services

April 25, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA-based Lumina HealthCare has recently taken on a new client – Capistrano Care Center. The new contract signed between the Los Angeles-based on-site podiatry services company and the care center will ensure that the Capistrano Care Center’s 93-bed facility is served by experts in foot care. The Lumina HealthCare contract team specializes in treating foot bone issues and issues related to nail infections and ingrown nails.

In care facilities across the country, patients are working to retain their optimal fitness and move back into their own homes. But this can be difficult when additional health issues arise as they go through their recovery process. Podiatric health problems are a growing concern in nursing facilities, and now the team at Lumina HealthCare is working to address patient challenges.

As part of the Los Angeles company’s new on-site podiatry services contract, they will be working with Capistrano Care Center patients to treat a range of foot health problems. Their team has significant experience in the mobile health industry and can also offer expertise in orthotics, which can help to mitigate podiatric health problems for the long-term future.

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