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Lumina HealthCare Signs Comprehensive Mobile Podiatry Services Contract with Marysville Post-Acute Long Term Care Center

Los Angeles, CA-based experts for bedside mobile podiatry services, Lumina HealthCare have just announced they’ve signed with mobile podiatry services contract with the Marysville Post-Acute long-term care center. The contract will help ensure all facility patients will have access to qualified foot care specialists for medical issues relating to in-grown nails, toe nail infections, corns, fallen arches, and more.

One of the leading challenges facing long-term care facilities is ensuring that patients achieve access to their full range of health requirements during their stay. Podiatric care is not always a leading consideration within facilities, and this can mean that patients suffer numerous foot care issues. Now, the team at Lumina HealthCare is working with long-term care facilities across the region to address podiatric care issues, and their team has recently signed a services contract with Marysville Post-Acute long term care center in Marysville, CA.

As part of the company’s new services contract, Lumina HealthCare’s experts will the working with Marysville Post-Acute long-term care facility patients to relieve their foot pain problems. The company’s experience with crafting custom orthotics and diagnosing chronic foot issues can help ensure facility patients achieve the highest level of podiatric care right at their bed side! As with all Lumina HealthCare services, the work with Marysville Post-Acute long-term care center will be completed at no cost to the facility, as the Lumina team works with the patient’s insurance company directly to support their work.

The Lumina HealthCare team is available now to discuss service contracts with facilities across the region! To discover more on the company and their work, call their offices today at 1-800-373-5400 or visit their business website at