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Lumina HealthCare Announce Mobile Podiatry Service Contract with Kayakeemena Care Center in Berkeley, California

Los Angeles, California-based Lumina HealthCare have recently announced the signing of a new mobile podiatry service contract in Berkeley, California. The new contract with the Kayakeemena Care Center will ensure that residents of the 60-bed facility have access to the highest quality podiatric services on the marketplace. The Lumina HealthCare contract team has the skill and qualifications to treat patients directly at their bedside, ensuring the highest levels of comfort during treatment for conditions such as nail infections and diabetes-related foot conditions.

Working with a qualified contract services provider can ensure that nursing and care centers provide the ideal level of podiatric care to their patients. Qualified teams such as the members of Lumina HealthCare are now working around the clock to safeguard patients against foot health issues. And now the company has recently announced the signing of a service contract with Kayakeemena Care Center in Berkeley, California.

As part of the new contract, Lumina HealthCare will diagnose and treat Kayakeemena Care Center patients directly at their bed side. The process means patients no longer have to leave their beds to undergo treatment, and also means that treatments can be completed in a shorter turnaround time for superior results.

To learn more about the new mobile podiatry services contact signed between Kayakeemena Care Center in Berkeley, California and Lumina HealthCare, please contact the Lumina HealthCare team today via 1-800-373-5400 or visit their business website at