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Lumina HealthCare Unveil Onsite Dentistry Service Contract in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA-based mobile dentistry services company, Lumina HealthCare has just announced the signing on an onsite dentistry service contract with The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. Residents of the 150-bed facility will now have access to the very highest quality of oral health care available, with dentists and dental hygienists meeting all dental requirements with precision. The company’s contract staff has decades of experience in the oral health field and can respond to most diagnostic and treatment needs.

By turning to local contract companies for their patients’ dental care needs, facilities offering nursing care can help keep patients in optimal condition during their recovery. A tooth infection or abscess can have lasting health consequences and only trained dental professionals can pinpoint these types of issues at their earliest point. Nursing facilities across the country are now working with contract companies such as Lumina HealthCare to safeguard their patients against many health issues.

The team at Lumina HealthCare has a comprehensive understanding on oral health issues and can communicate expertly with individual patients to ensure their health needs are met and fully understood. It’s part of the reason the team at The Rehabilitation Centre Of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles has hired the company on an onsite dentistry service contract. Lumina HealthCare will now provide facility residents with exceptional diagnostic care such as x-rays, and treatments such as fillings and crowns to help them keep their teeth and gums in optimal condition. It’s a service that now protects hundreds of patients throughout California.

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