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On-Site Podiatry Services Leaders Lumina HealthCare Signs Contract with Allen Care Nursing Home

California-based experts for on-site podiatry services and comprehensive dental care, Lumina HealthCare have recently announced they’ve signed a service contract with Allen Care Nursing Home in Glendale, California. The contract will see Lumina HealthCare providing their specialist dental care services, which include x-rays, hygiene services and comprehensive examinations to the nursing home’s residents.

Nursing home residents are among those most at-risk for dental issues. Without access to quality dental care through professionals operating mobile equipment, nursing home residents often suffer significant oral health issues over time. And that’s why so many facilities across California – from Los Angeles to Sacramento – are now turning to on-site health care specialists such as Lumina HealthCare for access to cutting-edge mobile dental treatment systems and skilled dental care teams. Lumina HealthCare recently signed a service contract with Allen Care Nursing Home in Glendale, California to ensure the residents within their 94-bed facility achieve high level oral health care.

Through Lumina HealthCare, the Allen Care Nursing Home residents will now receive regular visits from highly skilled dental specialists. The Lumina team will utilize the latest digital x-ray systems to help provide a diagnostic foundation to treatments. They will also be able to perform treatments such as routine surgical extractions to ensure that even bed-ridden residents achieve the very highest level of personalized care.

It’s the on-site treatment experience that will help benefit the Allen Care Nursing Home community for many years to come.