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Dental Services Experts Lumina HealthCare Focuses on Oral Brush Biopsy Diagnostic Test with a Latest Tool

Los Angeles, CA-based dental services specialists, Lumina HealthCare have recently announced they’re focusing on the importance of the Oral Brush Biopsy Diagnostic Test. This leading class diagnostic tool will help the Lumina HealthCare team achieve early cancer detection within their work, thereby improving cancer survival rates for seniors at facilities across the region.

Within the elderly population, oral cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of mortality. It’s a type of cancer which predominantly affects elderly patients, and 65% of all cases develop within patients over the age of 60. This means that senior care facilities must be proactive in preventing the disease and protecting their clientele. By working with trusted Los Angeles-based on-site dentistry specialists such as Lumina HealthCare, facilities can take an active role in the cancer diagnosis and care process.

The latest tool offered through Lumina HealthCare is the Transepithelial Oral Biopsy diagnostic test. The test is used to evaluate common white and red lesions to detect the presence of premalignant and early stage oral cancers. One of the great advantages of this diagnostic method is that it’s virtually painless, and can be performed in a minimally invasive manner to preserve the dignity of the client. In addition, because the test can be conducted at a bedside or chairside, it can be utilized in cases where the client is non-ambulatory. It’s the ideal diagnostic tool for proactive detection of oral cancers.

Facility managers should also note that Lumina HealthCare provides their service at no direct cost to the organization. Lumina HealthCare’s expert team handles all the paperwork and then bills the insurance company directly to ensure a seamless service that allows care teams to focus directly on their work.