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Los Angeles, California-based Lumina HealthCare Signs On-Site Dentistry Services Contract with LifeHouse Bakersfield Healthcare Center


Los Angeles, California-based specialists for on-site dentistry services, Lumina HealthCare have recently signed a service contract with LifeHouse Bakersfield Healthcare Center. This latest contract means that Lumina will be providing the Bakersfield, California facility’s patients with innovative on-site oral care services such as dental x-rays, fillings and oral cancer screenings. It’s a suite designed to protect the facility’s patients for many years to come.

By working with oral care specialists, nursing facility operators can help mitigate the many challenges of maintaining a patient’s oral health. Oral health is strongly linked with overall health, and facilities across California are now beginning to analyze the needs of their patients and employ the services of skilled dental care providers to respond to these long-term care needs.  Lumina HealthCare is a leader within Los Angeles, California for on-site dentistry services work, and their team will now be supporting the staff at LifeHouse Bakersfield Healthcare Center for the foreseeable future.

Through the new contract signed between Lumina HealthCare and LifeHouse Bakersfield Healthcare Center, the Lumina team will be harnessing their decades of dental care service experience to diagnose and treat the oral health challenges of the skilled nursing facility’s patients. Lumina HealthCare’s team includes some of the most skilled professionals in the region, each of whom has experience working with the latest on-site dental care equipment to safely and effectively treat patients. It’s a service for which Lumina HealthCare has developed an esteemed marketplace reputation.

To discover more on the Lumina HealthCare service suite, or on their new working contract with LifeHouse Bakersfield Healthcare Center, please contact us at 1-800-373-5400.