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Lumina HealthCare Announces Mobile Dentistry Services Contract with Piedmont Gardens Health Facility in Oakland, CA

Los Angeles, CA-based health care services specialists, Lumina HealthCare have just announced they’ve signed a new mobile dentistry services contract with Piedmont Gardens Health Facility in Oakland, CA. The contract will ensure that the residents of the Piedmont Gardens Health Facility receive full access to qualified mobile dental care around-the-clock. Lumina HealthCare will offer access to the leading dentists and dental hygienists to ensure quality of care for patients within the 94-bed facility.

Nursing facilities assure a consistently high level of health care to patients with challenging conditions. They provide a comfortable environment in which patients can heal. But few facilities are equipped to respond to the patient’s complete range of oral health care requirements. And that’s why many facilities across California are now working with care service specialists such as Lumina HealthCare. The team at Lumina HealthCare have just announced the signing of another service contract with a local health facility.

The contract with the Piedmont Gardens Health Facility in Oakland will ensure that facility patients achieve direct access to treatments such as fillings, and crown placements. The Lumina team will also complete diagnostic processes such as oral cancer screenings to help detect potential cancerous cells at their earliest stages of growth for optimum treatment outcomes. It’s a mobile dentistry services solution that facilities across the country now require to protect their patients against common oral health challenges.

To learn more on the latest services contract signed between Lumina HealthCare and Piedmont Gardens Health Facility, please contact the team at Lumina HealthCare today at 1-800-373-5400 or visit their business website at