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Lumina HealthCare is Now Exploring On-Site Health Care at Universities

Los Angeles, California Lumina HealthCare has just announced that they are exploring on-site health care for universities. University students may find it challenging to stay on top of their tests, checkups and treatments and to balance dental care with their academic studies.

Lumina HealthCare is committed to on-site health care and universities are part of their recent expansion.  The company already works on military bases, workplaces, schools and in retirement homes/long term care facilities. The dentists bring the equipment, experience and technology to the location where they are needed to offer convenience and time-saving benefits to their patients.  The team is friendly and provides comfort, information and tips to their patients so that they can continue to achieve the best dental health in between their appointments.

True on-site dentistry is now possible in a large part due to advances in technology, such as state-of-the-art portable digital x-rays and the use of the BrushTest® for screening pre-cancerous or cancerous cells. Lumina utilizes these advanced technologies, amongst others, to enable its fleet of dentists, hygienists and support staff to provide the highest quality dental care, on-site, at the location of their patients.

To learn more about on-site health care in Los Angeles and the surrounding area for universities, schools, military bases and other group environments, contact Lumina HealthCare directly with questions and inquiries.