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Lumina HealthCare Helping School Children across California Improve Dental Health Through On Site Care Services

Statistics show that by the age of 5, 40-to-50% of school children will be affected by tooth decay. And studies continue to prove that oral health issues affect children in poverty and minorities far more than any other demographic groups. It’s clear that a solution is required to provide affordable dental health to young children. And so that’s why the team at Lumina HealthCare is now offering on-site dental health care services to school children across California.

Lumina HealthCare is a company that is at the very forefront of the on-site dental care field. The company harnesses the latest portable oral hygiene technology as well as a fleet of qualified dental care professionals to provide on-site health solutions to a broad range of clientele in California. For example, Lumina is now specializing in the treatment of children through their KidsCare program, which is designed to arrange convenient on-site dental care for children in health care facilities, schools, foster homes and other locations. The KidsCare Program ensures children can gain access to comprehensive cleanings, digital x-rays, and annual examinations. Another key element of the program is to teach children the benefit of being proactive in their own dental care regimen. Specialists work with children to teach them how to brush their teeth at home and explain to them the long-term health advantages of maintaining a healthy diet and optimal nutrition. To ensure full access to affordable dental care, the KidsCare Program also includes special fee schedules that ensure low income families are able to provide a high level of care to their children.

Through their KidsCare Program, the organization recently began their Lumina Dental Wellness Days, through which children gain access to the latest dental health services directly through their school. One of the leading advantages of this service is that it’s offered at no cost to the school or district. This means that kids gain access to affordable dental health options that are designed to provide them with the optimal foundation for healthy teeth and gums in the long-term. It’s a comprehensive care service designed to respond to the urgent health needs of young children across California.