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Lumina HealthCare Signs Contract To Provide Dental Services to St. Francis Convalescent Pavilion

Los Angeles, California-based experts for on-site dentistry services, Lumina HealthCare have just announced they’ve signed a contract with St. Francis Convalescent Pavilion to provide dental services to the Daly City, California facility’s residents. As part of the new service contract, Lumina HealthCare will be supporting St. Francis Convalescent Pavilion’s residents with comprehensive oral care examinations as well as treatments such as fillings, crowns and cleanings. It’s a full service suite that will help protect the facility’s residents for the long-term.

When a person enters a long-term care facility, it can often be challenging for their care team to provide them with the required level of oral care. This can mean conditions such as gingivitis and cavities go untreated, leading to more serious conditions over time. To help ensure their facility’s residents access the highest quality of care during their stay, the St. Francis Convalescent Pavilion has just signed a service contract with on-site dentistry services experts Lumina HealthCare of Los Angeles, California.

The Lumina HealthCare team is committed to providing each of its patients with the highest quality oral care available in the industry today. Their team includes highly experienced dentists and dental hygienists, each of whom will be harnessing the latest mobile care technologies to assure the residents of the 239-bed St. Francis Convalescent Pavilion facility receive exceptional care. From oral cancer screenings to digital x-rays, the Lumina HealthCare team can ensure all oral care requirements are met with precision.