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Lumina HealthCare Supporting Dental Health with Mobile Care Services Across Los Angeles

Those living within long-term care facilities are often provided with access to comprehensive medical care services to ensure they retain optimal health. However, facilities across Los Angeles currently struggle in finding affordable dental services for their residents. Dental care work remains an essential element of long-term health. And now the team at Lumina HealthCare is providing long-term care facility residents with a mobile dental health care solution. And for the facility, there’s no additional cost for the work.

Lumina HealthCare has become a noted leader in providing comprehensive mobile dental health care services to facilities across the region. As a HIPAA-compliant Company, Lumina HealthCare employs dental health care specialists to visit care facilities and provide services such as digital x-rays, surgical extractions and crown and bridge treatment. One of the leading reasons so many organizations are now selecting the services of Lumina HealthCare is that the Company only hires the leading specialists within the dental health care community. Each member of staff is carefully screened, selected and trained to ensure they can help elevate the Company’s service standards with their work.

A leading benefit of the Company’s service is that it can be delivered to all facility residents. The Company deploys cutting-edge dental technology to long-term care facilities to ensure that even those who are bed-ridden can gain access to dental care work that will help assure optimal dental hygiene. The flexibility of the Company’s care programs is further highlighted by the fact that Lumina HealthCare can accommodate various linguistic needs within their work. The Company thrives on open communication with all facility residents, and therefore they can provide specialists that speak Spanish, Farsi, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Tagalog, or Russian to ensure that each resident has a full understanding on the treatment process.

In addition to bringing the latest mobile dental health care services to facilities across Los Angeles, the Lumina HealthCare team also offers effective training services. The Company’s training programs can help nursing staff develop their understanding on care techniques.

The Lumina HealthCare services are also now being offered to homebound patients, who cannot travel to facilities in their area. The Company understands that transporting homebound people to facilities in order to help them achieve optimal treatment can be challenging and costly. And so they bring their expertise directly to the home of those in the local region. Their team is able to bring complete mobile treatment consoles to the patient’s home so that they can achieve cutting-edge treatment within a comfortable and peaceful surrounding environment. It’s a standout service for which Lumina HealthCare continues to receive industry commendations.

Full-service dental care is now being delivered directly to patients around Los Angeles. For trusted expertise and a committed dental care program, contact the experts at Lumina HealthCare directly at 1-800-373-5400. Qualified service staff are available around-the-clock to respond to program questions