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Lumina HealthCare Signs a Mobile Dentistry Services Contract with California Park Rehabilitation Center

Los Angeles, California healthcare provider, Lumina HealthCare has recently announced the signing of a new mobile dentistry services contact with the California Park Rehabilitation Center. The new contract will ensure that Lumina HealthCare supports patients at the 90-bed facility in Chico, CA with access to dental expertise and leading-class treatments. Patients will now be able undergo fillings, crown placements and other forms of treatment directly within their hospital beds as part of this new service agreement.

Mobile dentistry is a growing industry within the United States. Its growth is in response to the challenge of providing those in hospital beds and in nursing facilities with professional dental services. Specialists such as Lumina HealthCare have taken the lead in responding to this challenge and the company has recently announced they’ll be following their work with patients across the region by providing expert mobile dentistry services to patients at California Park Rehabilitation Center.

The specialists employed by Lumina HealthCare will carry out a full range of dental care services as part of the service contract. They will harness the latest mobile technology, including mobile digital x-ray equipment to provide patients with leading class levels of care within the California Park Rehabilitation Center. Patients will have access to a qualified dentist and dental hygienists to ensure that all oral health requirements are addressed effectively.

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