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Mobile Dentistry Services

Working with qualifying organizations throughout California and Arizona, Lumina HealthCare provides superior mobile dentistry services through expert team members with many years of oral care experience. The Lumina HealthCare team includes a broad team of dentists, hygienists and support staff, each of whom are dedicated to providing long-term care patients the highest standards of care utilizing leading-class mobile oral care treatment systems.

Lumina HealthCare understands the challenges long-term care patients face in achieving optimal treatment for their unique oral care needs. Therefore, the Company presents a multifaceted care strategy that includes both diagnostic systems and treatment solutions to attend to the long-term care patient’s full scope of care needs. The benefits of Lumina’s mobile dentistry services include:

A Full Selection of On-Site Services

Backed by many years of experience within the oral care field, the Lumina HealthCare mobile dentistry services team is able to attend to a range of dental health needs. The Company’s current suite of on-site dental care services now includes the following:

  • Initial screenings of all residents
  • Comprehensive examinations and annual assessments
  • Hygiene services (dental cleanings and periodontal treatments)
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Routine and simple surgical extractions
  • Dentures (full or partial)
  • Fillings, crowns and bridge work
  • Oral cancer screenings

No Cost to the Facility

For organizations that are contracted with Lumina HealthCare, there are no costs for the Company’s service. This means that long-term care facilities can reduce their operating costs while ensuring their patients receive the highest level of on-site dental care from proven dental professionals. The team at Lumina HealthCare will even handle all the paperwork and bill the client’s insurance company directly.

Additional Training Services

The impact of Lumina HealthCare’s service extends far beyond the time their contracted team spends on-site. They’re able to help facility teams develop the required skills for optimal oral care through expert training services. This In-Service training process is available on-line and is provided at no cost to the organization. It can help ensure the long-term care facility’s staff is adept and prepared for meeting their patients’ full range of on-site oral health needs. To register for the on-line In-Service training course, please click here.

For more information on the mobile dentistry services offered through Lumina HealthCare, please read the FAQ or call us directly at 800-373-5400.