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On-Site Health Care Experts for Sacramento Lumina HealthCare Sign Contract with Paradise Valley Nursing Home

Leading dental care specialists, Lumina HealthCare, have recently announced the Company has signed a service contract to provide their services to Paradise Valley Nursing home. The company will be serving the San Diego, California nursing home with the same high quality on-site health care services they provide to clients in Sacramento and across the region.

Residents within long-term care facilities require comprehensive dental services alongside their medical care. Without on-site expertise, facility residents may suffer significant oral health care issues, which then exacerbate their existing medical condition. That’s why many of the leading nursing facilities across San Diego and Sacramento are turning to on-site health care experts such as Lumina HealthCare. Lumina HealthCare’s on-site health care services set the standard for quality within the marketplace. And the company has recently signed a service contract with Paradise Valley Nursing home.

Through their work with Paradise Valley Nursing Home, Lumina HealthCare will be harnessing the latest advances on oral care technology to treat facility residents. The organization’s staff of dentists and hygienists will complete professional services, such as on-site oral cancer screenings, dental x-rays and cleanings directly within the Paradise Valley Nursing Home facility. This will ensure each resident’s oral care requirements are met during their stay. It’s the trusted service for exceptional on-site dental care.