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Searching for a “Podiatrist Near Me? Consider Lumina Healthcare’s New Service Contract

October 17, 2018 – Los Angeles, California-based Lumina HealthCare has just announced the signing of a service contract with Windsor Care Center of Sacramento. The 128-bed facility will now be served by the Lumina HealthCare team offering high-quality foot care directly at their patients’ bedsides. When searching for a “qualified podiatrist near me”, many are now working with Lumina HealthCare for their contract care service provided throughout the region.

Podiatrists employed within facilities across the country are now helping patients achieve greater comfort to be able to walk around their local area. Walking is often one of the first signs of progress for those in nursing facilities, and podiatrists can help to assure walking comfort for the individual. When searching for a “podiatrist near me”, many of the local nursing facilities are selecting the services of Lumina HealthCare. Now, the team at Lumina HealthCare is responding to the needs of patients at Windsor Care Center with qualified podiatric service options.

The podiatric care team at Lumina HealthCare provides treatment for issues such as nail infections, corns, callouses, fungus, and fallen arches. They also offer podiatric services for custom orthotics and will be bringing these specialty areas to the patients at the Windsor Care Center in Sacramento.

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