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Provider Spotlight: Dr. Romeo E. Padlan

Lumina HealthCare is pleased to announce that Dr. Romeo E. Padlan has been selected as a Provider of the Month for April, 2019. “Dr. Padlan is instrumental in several key facilities and has been a welcome face by patients and administrators alike”.

Dr. Padlan graduated from Manila Central University School of Dentistry in 1973. He had practiced for many years in various settings before relocating to California in 1994. Since 2003 he has focused his practice on seniors and medically compromised patients in long term care facilities and other populations who benefit from on-site dental care.

He finds it very rewarding to be able to deliver care to patients who usually do not have access to traditional dental offices.


He is a member of the Southern California Filipino Dental Society. When he travels home to the Philippines, he enjoys volunteering at the Medical Dental Mission.

He enjoys playing golf, hiking and being outdoors with friends.

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is working with the senior population. I treat each patient as if I were treating my parents or other elders in my own family.”