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Lumina HealthCare Now Offering Podiatrist Services to West Valley Post Acute in Sacramento

Dec. 11, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA-based Lumina HealthCare recently announced the signing of a new service contract with West Valley Post Acute. The company’s new partnership will provide patients at West Valley Post Acute in Sacramento access to a qualified podiatrist for foot-care issues. The podiatric staff will have expertise in custom orthotics, as well as in foot-health treatment for issues such as ulcers and fallen arches.

Foot health is a growing challenge for many Americans as they struggle to return to their optimum health. For those in care centers across Sacramento, working with a qualified podiatrist is considered the best way to maximize treatment success. Now, the team at Lumina HealthCare are highlighting this issue with their new service contract offering podiatrist services to West Valley Post Acute in Sacramento.

Working with patients at the West Valley institution, Lumina HealthCare’s staff will provide advice, diagnosis, and treatments for common foot-health issues. Lumina HealthCare’s team also specializes in designing custom foot orthotics that can help individual patients achieve the freedom of movement to minimize their foot pain in the years ahead.

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